Why Does My Ankle Hurt?

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Ankle injuries are one of the most commonly seen problems in the podiatrist’s office. While your feet and ankles are robust enough to support your full weight on a daily basis, they are also rather fragile and susceptible to injury.

Ankle pain has a wide variety of possible causes, and it can be difficult to pinpoint the precise nature of the problem, which is why you should consult with your foot doctor for any ankle pain that is debilitating or that lasts for more than a few days.

Three of the most common causes of ankle pain include:

●     Sprains - The seemingly rigid bands of ligaments that help keep your ankle joint stable and together can become overly stretched or even ripped when the ankle is twisted, turned, or rolled in an awkward manner. Since ankle sprains are among the most common of all injuries, if you are experiencing severe ankle pain, than a sprain is likely the culprit. Severe ankle sprains need to be properly treated to prevent future complications. Improperly treated sprains are more likely to be reinjured and a cascade of chronic ankle problems can result.

●     Achilles tendonitis - This is the largest tendon in the body and runs from the bottom of the heel and into the calf muscle. Overuse, whether from extreme sporting endeavors or just the normal wear and tear of everyday life, can cause irritation and swelling of the tendon. A more stressful injury can create a very painful tear or break.  Either of these conditions can cause considerable pain in the ankle joint.

●     Arthritis - There are many different types of arthritis that affect the joints of the body, and the large joint of the ankle is frequently the site of these inflammatory conditions that can cause considerable pain and discomfort.

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