Why Do My Feet Feel Numb?


When you lose the sense of feeling in your feet and toes it can a very disturbing and unsettling experience. Numbness can create difficulties with exercising, walking, and just plain standing. A tingling sensation or numbness in your feet and ankles may also be an indication of a more severe illness that should be diagnosed and expertly treated by your foot doctor.

The factors that may interfere with the optimum functioning of your feet by causing numbness or tingling are frequently associated with the blood vessels, arteries, and nerves that lead to the area.

The most common causes of numbness in your toes and feet include the following:

●     Sitting or standing for long periods of time—Remaining in a single position for hours on end can cause the nerves in the legs and feet to become constricted causing loss of feeling.

●     Diabetic peripheral neuropathyThe high blood sugar of diabetes causes damage to the nerves in the extremities and the disease often first shows up as symptoms of numbness in the feet.

●     Foot injury—Damage to your toes or feet caused by accident or injury can also result in numbness. Inflammation or direct damage to the nerve from the injury can disable nerve function.

●     Flat feet—The weight and pressure from having untreated flat feet or fallen arches can compress the nerves resulting in numbness and tingling

●     Spinal injury—A herniated disc can protrude into the spinal cord creating a sense of numbness in the feet and toes.

●     Tight fitting shoes—Shoes that are too tight and constrict your toes or inhibit blood may also cause nerve compression resulting in a numbing sensation.

●     Cold—Numbness can also be a result of your feet just being cold.

●     Foot neuromaAbnormal tissue growths around nerves and sensitive tissues between the third and fourth toes can cause a condition called Morton’s neuroma.

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