Why Does the Top of My Foot Ache?


A variety of factors and conditions can cause or contribute to pain on the top of your foot but it can be difficult to determine the precise cause without the help of your foot doctor. From ankle sprains and fractures to systemic diseases like arthritis, having pain on the top of your foot can make it difficult to comfortably wear shoes and can make everyday activities like standing and walking a real pain. Cutting edge laser therapy is now available to treat foot and ankle pain.

Some common causes of pain on the top of your foot include the following:

1)    Fractures—The bones on the top of the foot are very delicate and can be easily injured. Dropping something heavy like a laptop on your foot can cause a fracture. Stress fractures on the top of the foot can be very painful and difficult to pinpoint without imaging studies like x-rays or MRIs.

2)    Tightly fitting shoes—Shoes that are too tight can cause a large amount of pressure to the top of the foot through causing rubbing, swelling, and blistering.

3)    Systemic diseases—Arthritic conditions, gout, diabetes, and peripheral artery disease can contribute to stiffness and fluid retention in joints and bones on the top of the foot causing swelling, redness, and discomfort.

4)    Hormones—Pregnancy or menopause will bring about hormone changes that may increase pain on the top of the foot.

5)    Getting older—As you age, bones and muscles weaken and experiencing pain on the top of the foot is more likely.

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