How to Treat Fungal Toenails


Fungal toenail infections can start slowly and be hard to notice in the early stages, since they don’t cause much pain or discomfort. As the condition worsens, the toenails will become more brittle, thicker, and yellowing or graying will occur. As the fungi spread, they also can release a horrible smell. Microbial infections tend to become more prevalent as we age and men get fungal toenails much more often than women do.

Treatment methods for fungal toenail infections include the following:

  • Laser therapyAdvanced laser treatments are available to treat the fungal infection with minimal pain and discomfort.

  • Antifungals—Topical sprays and creams containing antifungal medicine can be help for minor infections, but entrenched infections may respond better to oral antifungal medicine that attack the fungi internally.

  • Debriding—shaving the nail is an excellent way to decrease the thickness and allow for a more complete absorption of the antifungal meds.

  • Complete nail removal—With severe infections, the nail will need to be completely removed to expose the infection. After many months, a new, healthier nail will grow in.

To help prevent coming into contact with the microbes, always wear sandals or shower shoes in public facilities like locker rooms and pool areas. Also, be extra careful when trimming your toenails so you don’t cut them too short. This will help to avoid an ingrown toenail from forming and the possible infection that comes along with it.

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