Diabetic Ulcer Prevention Tips


Taking care of your feet is especially important if you have diabetes since prevention and treatment of diabetic foot problems begins with a good self-care program. One of the most important conditions that diabetics need to be vigilant about avoiding is foot ulcers, since they can often lead to amputation if not treated early enough.

Since diabetics typically have a profound loss of sensation in their feet, cuts, scrapes, and punctures can go undetected and result in a serious infection. The decreased blood circulation often experienced by diabetics can also cause wounds to heal very slowly.

To minimize your chances of developing foot ulcers have regular checkups with your podiatrist and be sure to make good use of the following suggestions.

To minimize the chances of ulcers forming:

Inspect your feet every day—Look for any cuts, scrapes, bruises or other injuries that may become infected.

Clean your feet—Gently wash your feet every day with mild soap and warm water.

Nail trimming—Always cut your nails straight to help prevent ingrown toenails which can lead to infection and ulceration.

Stop smoking—Smoking decreases blood circulation which then adversely affects the healing response.

Proper shoes—Specially made shoes with a wide toe box and other features are essential to proper protection and care of your feet.

Custom orthotic insertsDiabetic shoes can be further enhanced by the proper placement of therapeutic inserts to avoid rubbing and increase foot comfort.

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