How Aging Affects Your Feet


It’s estimated that your feet will carry you over 100,000 miles in your lifetime, so it’s very important to be proactive in taking good care of your feet and the rest of your body to make the golden years as active as they can be.

Effects of aging on your feet may include:

Osteoarthritis—This common malady that results from all the wear and tear on our joints as we age often causes joint inflammation, pain and discomfort especially in the ankle joints and big toe.

Balance and coordination trouble—Many people develop nerve disorders that are created or complicated by conditions such as diabetes. A loss of feeling in the feet is common, and this can lead to difficulty with balance and coordination.

Skin ailmentsSince your skin tends to dry out as you get older, problems can arise with cracked heels, corns, and calluses. You should also check for any abnormal skin lesions that may be a sign of melanoma, a kind of aggressive skin cancer.

Toenail issuesYour nails will become thicker and more brittle as you age with more susceptibility to fungal nail and bacterial infections. They also become much harder to trim properly, which may lead to an ingrown toenail problem.

Tendon and ligament problems—As these components wear out, the loss of strength and flexibility can lead to tendonitis and fallen arches.

Swelling—The feet and ankles tend to swell more due to cardiovascular disease and hormonal changes.

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