Help for High Arches


No two pairs of feet are exactly alike, and everyone has different bone structure, toe length, and arch shape. Arch abnormalities are often hereditary. While low arches have one set of problems, those individuals that suffer with high arches can have trouble with ankle stability and sprains, tendon rigidity, shin splints, metatarsalgia, and heel pain. Calluses are also more prevalent in those with high arches.

One easy way to see if you have abnormally high arches is to step on a flat surface with wet feet. If there is little to no imprint in the middle area of your footprint, then you probably have a high arch.

Two of the conservative treatments for high arches include:

●     Orthotic inserts—Custom orthotic shoe inserts that fill in the space where your high arch is located will take some pressure off the front of the foot and the heel, as well as relieve stress from the plantar fascia. For those experiencing ankle instability, a special ankle/foot orthotic device can be prescribed.

●     Stretching and strengthening exercises—To avoid ankle sprains and tight muscles and tendons, employ a daily regimen of flexibility and fortification activities to stretch the calf muscles and Achilles tendon, and to strengthen the other muscles, ligaments and tendons in the feet.

In very difficult cases that do not respond well to conservative treatments, a surgical restructuring of the arch may be necessary.

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