Diabetic Foot Care Tips


Taking good care of your feet is important for everyone, but especially so for patients with diabetes due to all the foot problems that can arise with inadequate treatment and prevention practices. 

Since November is American Diabetes Month, it is an excellent opportunity to review some of these foot care guidelines to help you maintain happy and healthy feet:

  • Daily foot inspection—Always check your feet daily for any cuts, scrapes, or blisters, since these can lead to infection. Use a mirror to inspect the bottom of your feet and be sure to carefully look between the toes. Changes in nail color may indicate a fungal nail infection. Bring any abnormalities to the attention of your foot doctor for proper evaluation and treatment.
  • Keep your feet clean and dry—Wash your feet every day with mild soap and warm water. Dry carefully, especially between the toes where infections are prone to develop. Apply a moisturizing lotion to dry areas and not between your toes. If your shoes or socks become wet or damp change them right away.
  • Elevation—Raising your feet above your heart while you are resting can increase blood flow and help promote healing of any wounds.
  • Exercise—Daily aerobic exercise will improve your circulation and help to lower your glucose levels.
  • Properly fitted shoes—Supportive shoes with a wide toe box are essential. Specially made shoes for diabetic patients provide a variety of benefits.

If you would like assistance with diabetic foot care, we highly recommend that you consult our board certified podiatrists Andrew Shapiro, DPM and Michael Barkin, DPM. With access to advanced technologies, along with years of experience to help diagnose and treat a variety of foot and ankle problems, we can assist you with heel pain, ankle sprains, toe deformities, nail fungus, and skin problems, among many other conditions. Our practice is conveniently located on West Merrick Road in Valley Stream to accommodate all of your foot care needs. Call (516) 825-3860 or book an appointment online today!