5 Causes of Metatarsalgia


Metatarsalgia (or metatarsal syndrome) is an uncomfortable and painful malady that strikes in the area of the ball of the foot. The condition is often described as feeling like you have a pebble stuck in your shoe, but when you take off your shoe to check, there’s no pebble, but there is considerable inflammation and discomfort.

A variety of factors need to be taken into consideration when diagnosing metatarsal syndrome. Just one of these factors can be the main cause but frequently two or more are indicated.

5 contributing factors to developing metatarsalgia include the following:

  1. Toe deformities—People who have toe deformities like bunions and hammertoes are frequently diagnosed with metatarsal syndrome.

  2. NeuromaThis is a growth of fibers around a nerve that causes symptoms like metatarsal syndrome.

  3. Hairline fracture—Small breaks are cracks in the bones of the toes are often the cause of pain in the ball of the foot and create symptoms similar to metatarsalgia.

  4. Poorly fitting footwear—Wearing tight fitting shoes or high heels puts extreme pressure on the ball of the foot contributing to the development of the condition.

  5. Being severely overweight—People who are obese are more likely to develop metatarsal syndrome due to the extreme pressure on the ball of the foot.

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