3 Treatments for Foot Calluses


The rough and dry skin caused by calluses on your feet can create considerable discomfort and can even split open in a condition called a heel fissure that can bleed and become infected with bacteria.

Calluses are a natural reaction to the relentless stress and pressure that our feet experience daily and that is why they often occur on the heel and ball of the foot where the pressure is the highest. The thickened skin can protect your feet, but when it gets too thick and causes pain or bleeding it is best to see your foot doctor to have them properly treated.

Treating calluses before they get out of control will avoid painful complications and improve the appearance of your feet.

3 excellent treatments for foot calluses include the following:

  1. Acid removal—A specially made salicylic acid patch can is put over the callus to soften the skin for much easier removal. These high strength acids can be used in combination with a file to remove the dead and hardened skin.

  2. Custom orthotic insertsMany times calluses form in response to rubbing on the inside of your shoes. Specially formed orthotic inserts can be optimally placed by your podiatrist to redirect pressure from away from the ball and heel areas to minimize callus and corn formation.

  3. Skin shaving—You can try to shave off dead skin with a pumice stone or file but for severe calluses, your foot doctor can safely remove the skin with a specialized debriding device.

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