3 Treatments for Capsulitis


Pain in the ball of the foot can be difficult to diagnosis since it is caused by a variety of problems that produce similar symptoms. One of the most common causes of pain in the ball of the foot is called capsulitis. The condition is so named because it is located near the big toe in an area encapsulated by bones, tendons, ligaments and other tissues. Neuromas can produce similar symptoms.

When these components of your foot ball become inflamed due to injury or illness, the result is considerable pain and discomfort, often requiring the help of your foot doctor to properly diagnosis and treat.

Early diagnosis of capsulitis is required for conservative treatments to work correctly.

3 initial treatments for capsulitis may include the following:

1)    Rest, elevate, and tape—Rest the affected foot and elevate to help relieve swelling and pressure. Taping your middle toes together will prevent unnecessary movement and reduce pain and discomfort.

2)    Use custom made orthotic insertsOrthotic shoe inserts can be used to isolate the ball of the foot and relieve stress and pressure so healing can occur.

3)    Corticosteroids—Injections of steroid medications into the ball of the foot can help reduce inflammation and pain.

Toes that have actually become dislocated will probably require surgery to correct the problem.

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