4 Fabulous Foot Facts


Many of us tend to take our feet for granted, and they consequently get abused and neglected on a regular basis. Your fabulous feet deserve better and taking good care of your feet includes having regular visits with your foot doctor to ensure that they will perform fabulously throughout your life.

4 fabulous facts about your feet include the following:

1)    Nearly one-quarter of your bones are in your feet—Each of your feet consists of 26 bones and 33 joints as well as over a hundred muscles, tendons, and ligaments, so it’s not surprising that your feet and ankles are susceptible to frequent injury and illnesses.

2)    Women have more foot problems—Women have almost four times as many foot and ankle problems as men, which is largely due to wearing tight-fitting shoes like high heels. The resultant increase in pressure on the foot and ankle contributes to conditions including plantar fasciitis, bunions, and hammertoes, to name a few.

3)    Your feet are designed for walking and running—The average individual will take between 8000 and 11,000 steps every day of his/her life. This adds up to enough steps in a year to walk all the way around the earth four times, which is over 100,000 miles per year!

4)    Your feet don’t reach full size until your late teens—From the time you are born, it takes until the age of eighteen or nineteen for all the different parts of your feet and ankles to become fully developed. 

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