Overpronation Causes Foot Pain


Whenever you walk or run, your feet will move with a rolling motion with the outer part of the heel contacting the ground first followed by the middle and ball of your foot. When the foot rolls excessively inward the result is overpronation. This creates poor alignment and increased pressure that contributes not only to foot and ankle problems but also to the knee, hip, and back injuries. People who have untreated flat feet or fallen arches are likely to experience overpronation.

Overpronation symptoms:

●     Check the bottom of your shoes - You can tell from the pattern of wear on the bottom of your footwear whether or not you are overpronating. If your gait is correct, you will notice an even pattern of wear across the entire shoe bottom. However, if you are overpronating, the inner side of your shoes and the ball area will show increased wear.

●     Heel pain - Pain in the heel is often a sign that you are experiencing overpronation, with plantar fasciitis being one of the major causes of heel pain.

●     Foot deformities - Problems such as bunions and hammertoes are more likely to occur in people who overpronate.

Treatments for overpronation:

●     Proper footwear - Wear shoes and sneakers that are comfortable but supportive. Be sure to replace your athletic footwear frequently and to have your gait properly analyzed to determine what type of foot you have.

●     Custom orthotic inserts - Custom molded orthotic inserts can be made to precisely fit the contours of your feet.

●     Flexibility exercises - Incorporating stretching exercises into your routine before and after exercise can help decrease pain and discomfort in the feet, ankles, and calf muscles.

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