Bunions Can Cause Other Foot Problems

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Although a bunion’s first signs are often a bulging bump on the joint of your largest toe, this is actually a symptom of a more serious condition created when the big toe pushes hard into the second toe. As the toes push progressively into the other toes, bones become misaligned, bunions increase in size and cause more inflammation, pain and discomfort.

Some factors that can cause bunions or worsen them include the following:

●     Genetic predisposition

●     Flat feet

●     Arthritis

●     Wearing tight-fitting or constrictive shoes

●     Spending long hours on your feet all day

Bunions are much more likely to happen in females mostly due to the prevalence of wearing high heeled shoes that constrict the toes with great pressure. Delivery personnel, teachers, doctors, nurses, and anyone who does prolonged standing and walking in their occupations are also more susceptible to developing bunions.

Treatment for Bunions

Beginning treatment options for bunions can be effective at reducing pain and discomfort before any surgery is needed and include the following:

●      Resting and icing to reduce swelling and pain

●      Wearing shoes that have a wide toe area

●      OTC pain relievers to reduce pain and inflammation

●      Foot and toe stretching and flexibility exercises

●      Padding, taping and splinting

●      Custom orthotic inserts to reduce and redirect pressure

Neglecting your bunions for months or even years can be a very bad idea since untreated bunions often progress to the inclusion of hammertoes, bursitis and neuromas.

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