Properly Fitting Sports Shoes Can Prevent Plantar Fasciitis

Shopping for athletic shoes can be a daunting experience with the myriad of choices available. This choice is further complicated by the fact that an athletic shoe needs to be chosen based on the specific activity. Playing tennis in a pair of running shoes illustrates this point quite well, as you will quickly notice the lack of support for side to side movements. The proper fitting of athletic shoes is one of the primary steps you can take to maintaining the good health of your feet, ankles, knees, hips, and back.

Properly fitted athletic shoes can help prevent and treat not only plantar fasciitis, but also many other foot and ankle injuries and conditions including shin splints and bunions.

To choose the most appropriate athletic shoes, follow this advice:

  • Computerized gait analysis—Prior to shopping for shoes, have your podiatrist conduct a complete foot exam, including an analysis of your gait mechanics, to determine what arch supports and orthotic inserts you may need.
  • Use shoes made for the activity—Whether your interest is in tennis, basketball, cross country running, or merely walking around the block, there is a shoe available with the most appropriate structure and flexibility dynamics for each activity.
  • Wear shoes before buying—You can order shoes online, but if you don’t know exactly what size you need from that particular manufacturer, there will be the inevitable frustrations with returns. A well-stocked shoe department at a store with helpful and knowledgeable staff is the best way to go.
  • Comfort level—New shoes should feel comfortable right out of the box and not need much in the way of “breaking in”. There needs to be plenty of room in the toe box to prevent any friction, and the heel should feel nice and snug.

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