Can Intoeing Be a Problem for Your Kids?


Kids often experience a growing abnormality in which their toes appear to point inward when they walk, which is referred to as being “pigeon toed”. These minor abnormalities are usually outgrown by the age of two for many children, but the condition can persist for others. The majority of cases involving intoeing in older kids generally have efficacious correction by the ages of 7-9, but some of the more difficult cases may require special shoes or a cast for the feet to straighten out correctly.

Types of Intoeing                 

There are three basic types of intoeing in children:

  • Metatarsus adductus - An inward bending of the foot may occur in the central area of the arch. A rigid boot or cast can be utilized to help the straightening process. Custom orthotic shoe inserts can also be effective.
  • Femoral anteversion - A twisted thigh bone can also cause the knees and feet to turn inward. In children who continue to walk oddly or have problems with tripping by the age of 9 or earlier, a surgical procedure may be required.
  • Tibial torsion - When the twisting tendency is originating from the shin area, or tibia, the problem will probably be outgrown by age 8 or 9. If the problem continues after this point, a surgical intervention may be needed.

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