Why Does the Top of My Foot Hurt?


Top of the foot pain is one of the least common reasons for a trip to the podiatrist’s office, but there are quite a variety of diseases and injuries to the top of the foot that can cause difficulty with locomotion and even in just standing up. Some injuries to the top of the foot may require immediate attention, while other problems may be caused by systemic diseases.

Some severe symptoms to be aware of that may require immediate medical attention include the following:

Can’t bear weight—If you experience pain while walking, or are unable to stand on your foot you probably have a severe injury.

Severe pain and swelling— If pain and swelling do not significantly improve after a day or two, you should seek medical attention.

Signs of infection—If you notice a foot wound or ulcer that looks infected.

Other less severe reasons for the top of the foot pain to develop include the following:

Diseases of the feet—Arthritis can contribute to swelling and tenderness in the joints and in the bones on the top of the foot. Tendonitis and peripheral neuropathy from damage to your nerves caused by diabetes can cause pain to the top of the foot.

Improperly fitted shoes—Extra pressure created by tightly fitting shoes can cause swelling and tenderness to the skin and bones on the top of the foot.

Severe trauma from fractures—The delicate bones on the top of the foot is susceptible to injury. Dropping a weight on your foot can cause damage, and hairline stress fractures may result from reduced bone density, weakened muscles, and structural abnormalities.

Hormone levels—Increased pain on the top of the foot during pregnancy or menopause as a result of shifts in hormone levels is frequently experienced.

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