How to Treat Hot Feet


Having the feeling that your feet are burning can be very unnerving, to say the least. Peripheral neuropathy, which is often brought about by a poor diet, is a primary cause of that burning foot feeling.

This burning sensation can range in severity from merely a mild, inconveniencing match to a debilitating 4-alarm fire. The most common cause of burning feet syndrome is complications from excess alcohol consumption and neuropathy from diabetes.

Other conditions that can cause you to experience a sensation of hot feet include the following:

●     Chronic kidney disease

●     Athlete’s foot fungi

●     Nail fungus

●     Hypothyroid condition

●     Side effects of medication

●     Swelling of blood vessels

●     Neuromas

●     Nutrient deficiency

●     Arteriosclerosis

The treatments for hot feet caused by diabetes should be discussed with your doctor since the consequences of improper treatment can be particularly devastating. A careful combination of blood sugar regulation, proper diet, and proper medication are part of a comprehensive treatment plan that can protect your feet from further damage.

Other treatments for burning feet include:

●     Alcohol avoidance - avoiding alcohol will prevent additional nerve damage and allow the nerves to begin the healing process.

●     Dialysis - toxic substances increase in the blood and can cause numbness and burning in the feet. Cleaning the blood removes these toxins.

●     Vitamin B injections - low B vitamins can cause burning feet problems and injections of the vitamin can help heal the damaged nerves.

Your foot doctor may suggest a variety of tests including nerve conduction studies, urine and blood tests, and finally a spinal fluid test. For burning caused by mechanical deformities including bunions and neuromas, specially made orthotic inserts can be helpful in isolating the area and will allow healing.

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