4 Tips for Bunion Pain Relief

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The deformity of bunions can be caused by a number of factors, and tend to worsen over time without the proper treatment. While there are several options for mitigating the pain caused by bunions, in advanced cases a surgical solution may be necessary, especially when your toes begin to overlap each other.

Some tips for bunion treatment and pain relief include the following:

#1: Toe spreaders—These simple mechanical devices relieve bunion pain by gradually straightening the big toe joint. One type of toe spreader consists of simple foam inserts that help to increase the spaces between the toes and coaxing the big toe back into a straighter position. More robust toe spreaders may be worn at night to help pull the big toe away from the other toes.

#2: Change activities—A bad bunion may cause you to have to alter some of your activities while the treatment takes effect. Activities such as swimming or cycling that take the pressure off the affected foot are an excellent choice.

#3: Pads, cushions, and orthotics—Specially designed bunion pads, arch supports, and custom-made orthotics will help to redistribute weight when exercising or walking to help eliminate the pressure on the toe and joints. Your foot care professional can help determine which of these methods is best for your unique situation.

#4: Wear properly fitted shoes—Make sure you wear shoes that have a wide toe box and avoid wearing high heeled shoes that can push the toes together and increase pressure possibly contributing to the formation of hammertoes. Proper support and cushioning are essential to providing pain relief.

If these methods do not provide the necessary relief, surgery may be required to realign the toe structure.   

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