Bursitis Can Cause Foot Pain


Bursitis is a debilitating and painful inflammatory condition that usually causes trouble with the shoulder, knee, hip, and elbow, but it can also strike in the foot by the Achilles tendon, mimicking Achilles tendonitis. The bursae are small, fluid-filled sacs that are positioned where bones, ligaments, and tendons may rub together creating a cushion that facilitates movement. These sacs can become irritated, painful and swollen in the back of the heel.

People who engage in repetitive work motions with their feet bent over at the middle, such as in carpet and wood floor installation, are more likely to develop bursitis. Athletes and runners are also more susceptible.  

Treatment for bursitis includes the following:

  • Decrease swelling and pain - Pain and swelling from bursitis will subside by resting and icing the swollen area twice an hour for several days. Pain medications such as ibuprofen or Tylenol will also help. Elevate your foot while resting to help decrease swelling.

  • Reduce stiffness and increase strength - Flexing and stretching exercises will help relieve stiffness and increasing muscle strength also eases discomfort and pain after the swelling has gone down.

  • Take it easy - To avoid triggering another bought of bursitis, always go slowly at first when you start doing activities. Alternate your movements to avoid repetitive motions and avoid overly stressing one area.

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