Basic Foot Care Check List for Diabetics

At Valley Stream Podiatry we offer the most expansive selection of services for most medical issues concerning your feet.  A common daily topic in our medical office is caring for your feet, as a diabetic patient.  

Diabetic foot care can seem like a daunting routine, but don’t let your Diabetic foot concerns cause you any more stress.  Living in Valley Stream New York means you need to know how to care for your feet according to the seasonal needs.  We have a few ideas to help you to manage your day a little easier no matter what season it is.  

Try to follow these basic guidelines every day in order to ensure your feet are at optimal health.

  • Manage Your Diabetes - Work closely with your health care providers to keep your blood glucose in your target range.  
  • Check Your Feet Daily - Visually inspect your bare feet every day, routinely.  Try doing it after you brush your teeth, to make it into an easy daily habit. Inspect for new red spots or blisters. Use a mirror to see the bottoms of your feet too! 
  • Get Active - If you are not limited in mobility, try adding a short distance walk to your daily routine. 
  • Thoroughly Clean Your Feet Every Day - Dry each foot completely, especially between your toes.
  • Smooth on Some Lotion - Apply moisturizer to heels and tops of each foot, but not between the toes (moisture between toes may lead to bacteria breeding).
  • Keep Your Toenails Trimmed
  • Wear Socks and Comfortable Shoes Always - Avoid walking barefoot whenever possible. 
  • Protect Your Feet from Weather -  In Valley Stream, New York we see extreme weather ranging from sizzling to freezing.  Never step barefoot on the icy floor, hot pavement or into hot water before testing it- you may burn your skin without noticing
  • Keep Your Blood Moving - Kick your feet up when sitting.  Wiggle your toes and gently move your ankles for a couple minutes, a few times a day.  Never cross your legs for long periods of time, and remember to shift your weight often while sitting. 

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