There are Many Causes of Arch Pain


The feet are pretty amazing structures that one tends to take for granted until something painful or debilitating happens. One of the interesting aspects of your foot structure is the arch, and there are a variety of ailments that can cause or contribute to arch pain.

Your arch is actually composed of three components on each foot. The single transverse arch runs across the middle of the foot from the outside to the inside, and there are two longitudinal arches that run along the side of your foot from the back to the front. In addition to these structures, your arch also consists of a multitude of tendons, ligaments and bones that can become damaged and cause arch pain. The different arch types include high arches, low arches, and neutral or medium arches, with low and high arches being the most common sources of pain in the arch area.

Some of the causes of arch pain include the following:

●     Hairline fractures—Also called stress fractures, these are small breaks in the bone that can be caused by repetitive stress or by a single traumatic incident.

●     Plantar fasciitisThis condition is often regarded as a cause of heel pain, but there can often be pain in the arch associated with inflammation of the plantar fascia, which runs along the bottom of your foot. This can happen from overuse, walking or running on hard surfaces, and by not wearing shoes with proper arch support.

●     Poorly fitting shoes—Your arches need adequate support to carry your weight without too much stress. Be sure to have your arches evaluated by your foot doctor to determine what arch support is best for your circumstances. Specially made orthotic inserts can help fine tune your arch support.

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