Tarsal Tunnel Nerve Compression


Nerve compression in the wrist is something many people are familiar with due to the prevalence of carpal tunnel syndrome. A less well known phenomenon affects the feet. Your feet and ankles are susceptible to a similar condition that occurs on the posterior tibial nerve in the tarsal tunnel which occupies a space inside the ankle bone area. All the tendons nerves, veins, and arteries in this tunnel area are protected by a thick ligament that interacts with the tissues and surrounding bone structure.

Symptoms of nerve compression can occur in the following circumstances:

System wide disease—Arthritis and other inflammatory disruptions including diabetes, can create additional swelling and pressure that further restricts the nerve. Be sure to enlist the help of your foot care professional in devising an adequate response to all the foot complications you may be experiencing.

Over pronation—If you have a tendency to roll your ankles outward when you walk the resulting strain on the arches can adversely affect the nerve.

Ganglion cyst—There are a variety of abnormal structures that can push their way in and compress a nerve. It could be a bone spur, inflamed tendon, varicose vein, or ganglion cyst.

Injury—Twisting your ankle will cause trauma to the area and may instigate a tarsal tunnel nerve compression of the highest order requiring rapid intervention by your foot care professional to avoid any lasting damage.

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